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Livejournal has implemented javascript that activates every time you hover over and/or click a link.

I'll be at DreamWidth, where they don't do that kind of thing, and where, if they wanted to, they would inform all their users first.

As of right now, I'll still check my friends-list sometimes, but I find this business practice unethical in the extreme.

I have 1 DW code right now. Click here to use it.

I'll update this post when I get more, or you can use one of Niqaeli's if I'm out.
08 January 2012 @ 07:24 pm
In this post. It's at DreamWidth due to LJ's recent comment changes.

Ask for that story you always wanted, and maybe someone will write it for you, whatever it is. Browse other people's prompts and see what sparks your interest.

"Kink meme" stories do not have to contain kink. If what you really want is a story about Sam daring to eat a peach, prompt someone for that. It is a no-judgment zone, whether you want fuzzy kitten-petting, fuzzy handcuffs, or fuzzy plushie play.

Anonymous or signed comments are equally welcome, so if you want a story but you don't want to ask for it under your own name, that's fine, too.

Come and play!
06 May 2011 @ 08:56 am
Life on Mars Kudos Party
The Archive of Our Own or AO3, presently home to over 600 Life on Mars stories, has a function called "Kudos," similar to FaceBook's "Like" button. When you read a story and like it, you can either leave a comment, as on LJ, or hit the "Leave Kudos" button.

Kudos get emailed to the author, and they show up on the story with a little graphic of someone doing rockstar arms with hearts between their hands.

You! You don't need a username to leave kudos or comments at the AO3. Anonymous kudos show up as "A guest left kudos!" You do need to give an email address to leave a comment with text in it, but the address doesn't display on the site anywhere.

Anonymity is great for praising that fan whose work you've loved for years--you know the one, their work is so cool, and you just can't say the right words to let them know. Kudos!

Or maybe you love the author, but that one story they wrote is so hot and dirty you're embarrassed to let anyone else know you read it. Kudos!

Authors like feedback! Kudos are a quick and easy way to leave feedback, make authors smile, and, with any luck, encourage them to write more of what you like.

It's not just about the new stuff, either. Kudos are useful when you're rereading a story. If you left a comment back in 2006, great! If you reread something and you love it all over again, leaving kudos lets the author know you were there and enjoyed it one more time.

If you read something and you have more to say to it than "Kudos!" then by all means, comment! Or for a two-fer of love, you can comment and leave kudos on the same story.

The AO3 is a panfandom archive, so if you find an author you really like, they may have written things outside this fandom you'd also enjoy. Click their username and browse to your heart's content.

All the Life on Mars stories at the AO3 in one handy-dandy link.

To read, click here.

Pick a story.

Read it. Enjoy it.

When you get to the bottom of the page, hit the button that says "Leave Kudos ♥".

If you have time, go back, pick another story, and do it again!

If you're looking for me, I'm petronelle at LJ, but Petra at the AO3.

This weekend! Start now, and we'll go on till Monday. Leave kudos early, leave kudos often, and make authors smile. Okay, you can only leave kudos on any given story once, but lots of the authors there have multiple stories in the fandom.

"My work isn't on the AO3 and I want kudos."
-- Comment to this post with "Invite me!" and leave your email address, and I'll send you an invitation right away.

"Isn't the singular of kudos kudo?"
-- No, it's derived from Greek and means acclaim or praise for exceptional achievement. Technically it is a mass noun, but it's used for the singular, like "sheep" or "moose." The theoretical plural would be "kudea" or "kudoi."

"Who made that cool banner?"
lozenger8 gets kudos for the banner!

The more, the merrier!
d_generate_girl, petronelle, sageness, and carla_scribbles have created a collection of images that goes through the Kink Bingo list of kinks and illustrates each one from Life on Mars (UK) and/or Ashes to Ashes.

None of the images spoil major plot points other than images from the two pilot episodes. Some of the images are oblique, and others rely on the notes to communicate the kink if the instance illustrated is dialogue-only, so don't miss the details.

Some kinks are marked "RACK," meaning "Risk-Aware Consensual Kink." This means that some form of negotiation took place regarding the kink practices depicted, either on or off screen.

Content Notes, highlight to read: (skip) Very few of the images contain nudity or other overt sexual content, though one exhibitionism image is a long shot of naked bottoms. Some of the impact play images have violence, some of which is RACK. Several also contain images of blood, though not violence leading directly to its being shed.

This post is Part 1, Part 1 (Ageplay - Drugs/Aphrodisiacs).
Part 2 (Electricity - In Public)
Part 3 (Leather - Sleepy/Unconscious
Part 4 (Smacking - Writing on the Body)

Or, The album on Photobucket.

Ageplay to Drugs/AphrodisiacsCollapse )
Musesfool's post on LJ's "Forward your comments to FaceBook and Twitter automatically!" and BrownBetty's post on how the pingback system breaks friendslock. The concepts make my skin crawl.

If you don't like these implementations either, make yourself a DreamWidth, free of charge or obligation. If you use one of the links below, let me know which code you used and I'll take it off my list.

Code 1
Code 2
Code 3
Code 4
Code 5
12 August 2010 @ 03:51 pm
I used to post to petronelle. All my stories that are fit to post are tagged here; the more recent ones are crossposted to [ profile] petra. I've written many things in many fandoms, and I think these stories are representative of my best work.

If you want to do anything to my stories or posts that you would do in a fannish context to any other kind of source text, please do: podfics, sequels, remixes, critiques, DVD commentaries, and the like are all fair game.

If I read your story, I will leave you feedback. If you do the same for me, I will respond, and gladly.

This entry was originally posted at, where it has received comment count unavailable comments. Please comment there using OpenID. I also have DreamWidth codes available.
05 August 2010 @ 04:43 pm
I finished a blackout for Kink Bingo by writing mostly in fandoms barely anyone I know reads. So, for those people who read my journal who are happy to read outside of their own fandoms, here are the highlights.

All of the following stories have complete headers at the link, including warnings. None of them are particularly spoiler-laden for their respective canons.

If you want to curl up with a romance novella: Three times blessed her is a long love story with occasional flashes of casefile. Annie Cartwright is a lovely copper who doesn't get enough characterization in her canon; she's the POV character here, and she deals with her odd colleagues and suitors with aplomb. (Life on Mars (UK))

If you want to read a romance but not a long one: Ecdysiasm is a twisted dance through Alex Drake's self-esteem issues and troubles in dealing with a man who knows how to manipulate them to his best advantage, all about the traditional rules of heterosexual romance. (Ashes to Ashes)

If you're astonished at all the het: Nothing left to lose and Game theory are m/m slash for people who miss all the powerplay I haven't written much since DCU, with some masochism, emotional and otherwise, for flavor. (Life on Mars (UK))

If you don't like police procedurals or superheroes: Sitting in a tin can is a brain in a jar AU. No cops in sight. (And if you don't like police procedurals or superheroes, I'm sorry I didn't write any Slings & Arrows this time through. Go read Sage's excellent new Geoffrey/Ellen.) (Life on Mars (UK))

If you don't want naked imaginary men: Grow-op has dirty, dirty woman-on-woman action. (DCU)

If you're here for the underage content: Off and off and off like a Flash has the teenagers you're looking for. (DCU)

If you miss the days when I wrote people on the Batmobile: Not a fair cop has boinking on a car, bickering, and a soupçon of identity porn for taste. (Ashes to Ashes)

If you want GEN, dammit: Father's footsteps is nonsexual gen, just for you, with girls in drag. (Tipping the Velvet)
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